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Business Training Seminars

Where has the Magic Cash Lady Spoken at?
  • Trump University
  • Studied Business Management at University of Phoenix
  • Rich Dad Insider VIP
  • Bob Proctors Chairmans Club Founding Member
  • Learning Annex
  • Founder of Living Rich Cashflow Club for Adults and Children California & Oklahoma Chapter
  • Minority Women Business Breakfast Club
  • Oklahoma City Real Estate Association
  • Empower Network TV
  • Owner of AMW Investment Properties LLC and Associated Businesses
  • Parenting Chat Café
  • Bob Proctor’s Mastemind Team
  • MLM Mastermind
  • Founder of
  • Coordinator of Mom 2 Mom Garage Sales Event
  • Team BeachBody Member
  • Zumbathon Leader
  • All Holiness Holy Temple Youth Leader
  • International Coaching Association
  • Accomplished Social Media Manager
  • Blog Talk Radio Magiccashlady Speaks Show
  • Blog Talk Radio Ella Speakes Show
  • PTO Member for Charles Haskell
  • Meet the Masters for Charles Haskell PreK & Kindergardeners
  • Teacher’s PALS for Charles Haskell
  • YMCA Events Volunteer/Organizor
  • MBA in Cashflow from Rich Dad Insider’s
  • Professional Toastmasters Best Speaker Awards
  • Awakenend Diva’s Mastermind
  • Youtube Training, Facebook Training, Twitter Training Teleseminars
  • Urban League

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