LORI VAN BUREN/TIMES UNION -- Wynn Englisbe looks at an air conditioning unit behind a home he is inspecting in Rotterdam, NY on October 13, 2008. For cover story of Sunday's real estate section. ORG XMIT: MER2016032116294711 Photo: LORI VAN BUREN / 00000732AReal estate agents are a great asset for homeowners looking to sell. They’ve been through the process so many times. They know what their clients should do and they know what buyers want to see when they’re at a home showing. We asked local real estate professionals to share the No. 1, must-do tip they share with clients selling or showing a home. On just about everyone’s list: Declutter, declutter, declutter! Buyers want to be able to see themselves living in that house and they can’t do that if everything you own is lying around taking up space. Here’s what local real estate agents had to say:

The first impression is very important. The appearance, smell, price and cleanliness, those things matter much more than a lot of the noise you hear from HGTV, etc.. You have one shot to capture the buyer and many things to consider, so all the elements together matter.

– Brian Brosen, The Capital Team of RealtyUSA

Clutter eats equity. Yes, it’s your home and you live there, but there’s a product to sell and it needs to be as spacious, bright, clean and decluttered as possible. Buyers want to picture that they can live in your property, so store whatever you can away for showings.

Smells don’t sell! Declutter the air as well. No one needs to know that you’ve had pets, smoke, or haven’t done your laundry. Hide it or neutralize it. Always remove pets for showings and if you’re really serious about setting the perfect stage then light a candle, a scent warmer, or throw some pre-made cookies in the oven just before a showing and leave a note for the potential buyers to enjoy the fresh cookies!

Curb appeal helps make the deal. First impressions are invaluable so declutter outside as well. Pick up leaves, make sure the lawn looks perfect, plant some flowers and place a welcome mat. If a buyer thinks you maintain an impeccable exterior, they will assume you maintain an impeccable interior as well and that you take care of all the big things too.”

– Jeffrey Decatur, RE/MAX Capital

The seller should understand the market and the current value of homes within their surrounding area. Prior to showing a home, declutter as much as possible.

Article Source: http://www.timesunion.com/tuplus-features/article/Market-tips-from-real-estate-agents-7025449.php