Hi Atarah,

I just received an offer for a dream job. I have been unemployed since mid-November 2012! Oh, my gosh I think I am starting to get it. Thanks so very much!

Marsha Greiner
San Clemente, CA


Hi Atarah,

After a week of practising the Magical Technique and two days on the 21 Manifestation Challenge – I made a business proposition to a client for $1200,00 and had the order confirmed (bearing in mind I am in South Africa and the client is in the US – I am still shaking my head) then my partner and I went to dabble at the casino (something I never do) and won SA Rand 800.00.

I am speechless !!  I cant’ wait to see what this day will bring !!

Madison Dunwoodie
Johanessburg, South Africa


Good Morning,

Just starting on day 2, I have already seen progress.receivedecieved an unexpected amount of $62, which covered our groceries! Thanks so much!

Tamara Reislin
Salem, Arkansas



Ok…I found out about 2000 euros in my old bank account the very next day (my girlfriend went to check on that credit card FOR NO REASON). But don’t you worry; I’m not going to jump out the window to see if I can fly…yet. ?

P.S. I’m totally being honest!


Hi Atarah,
I tried it and by the end of the second day I found $81 dollars in an old wallet. I was cleaning out a drawer when I found it. I suppose it is true….. ‘ it works when you work it ‘

be good
Vinny Boyle

P.S Thank You


Hi Ms Atarah,

It’s Ronnie in Las Vegas I hit a $650.00 jackpot playing .05 slot machines. Day one 9/06 and day two 9/06 I hit $84.00. Found a discrepancy on my bank statement which was just now refunded $70.00. Its adding up. I love it.


Las Vegas, Nevada


Good evening, Mrs. Wright

My second day on the manifestation program and I received $187.50 for an extra session with a client. We’ll be working at our regular session Wednesday, so this was totally unexpected and extra. This is great. Now when I figure how to get the sessions to come over my email, that will also be great.

Linda Richards


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