Meet Your Coach!

Atarah Wright – “Wealth Educator for ParentPreneurs”

Atarah Wright, is your Transformational coach/speaker/author for excellence in entreprenuership by providing you with a million dollar blueprint to improve your wealth strategies! Atarah has a long track record of transforming lives of others who yearn to be the best that they could be!

Atarah has experience in not just coaching but also large presentations and group seminars. Her ability to communicate her ideas and knowledge will take your audience to the next level. Even if you have no experience in the business industry, Atarah can guide you through your personal transformation in becoming a leader.

There are coaching programs and packages available for you to be mentored and coached by Atarah. There has never been a better opportunity for you to grow. Become the person that can attract the joy, happiness, wealth in finance, education, spirituality, and relationships! Scroll below to check out some of the industry’s BEST coaching and mentorship!