About Atarah


The Magic Cash Lady is all about bringing the miracles to life. Whether you’re struggling with finances, income or a job – I want to help everyone and anyone to rise to the challenge and break barriers.


I believe that we should all live an inspiring life. Life that is empowered by passion, inspiration and hope is contagious. The Magic Cash Lady isn’t just about helping you financially.. But also to enlighten your spirit, mind and body.


No change can happen without a direct challenge against the current situation. The Magic Cash lady helps people see their current situation and find ways to make it bolder, empowering and strengthening. After all, we are a creator of our circumstances not the creature of it.

Who is Atarah Wright?

Atarah Wright The Magiccashlady is a  Certified Wealth Strategist that creates customized step by step financial plans to help her coaching clients creatively build wealth using real estate investments. She is a Passionate High Energy Transformational Speaker focused on teaching Wealth Worthiness for parent entreprenuers and their, children as well as non-profit organizations that help create positive change for children. She energizes and illuminates the audience.

She is Entertaining while teaching Spiritual and Financial Principles in her highly interactive speaking events. Her passion excites your audience as they get excited about taking empowered action steps to improve their life Physically, Emotionally, Mentally, Spiritually and Financially.

Her colorful fun loving attitude not only keeps the audience engaged and smiling, but the Magic Happens when members of the audience have frequent Aha moments and begin to release fears and speak their dream lifestyle into existences by learning to Be W.O.W (Worthy of Wealth).

Our Mission

Magical Life Coaching helps Parents and children create a step by step fun and exciting wealth strategy so they can build a empowering legacy for their family. We want to globally influence the transformation of mindset by illuminating the pathways to overcome any obstacle. Individuals are empowered to command their own life there by increasing the quality of their lifestyle.



Let us help you to conquer your challenges and obstacles in your life. Whether it’s you, your business or your family – The Magical Cash Lady can empower your life through our coaching services!

Talk Show

Learn and Enjoy from Worldwide Leaders in Business, Personal Development, Entrepreneurship and Investments in the Magic Cash Lady’s Talk show!


Let the Magic Cash Lady inspire and motivate you to become the person you ought to be! Find your purpose, the way and the solution to exceeding your potentials!


Want to dig in deeper into your personal development? Magic Cash Lady has books to show you how you can transform your life in details! Available right here in our website!


Whether it’s financial, spiritual or mental – Magic Cash Lady can empower you with valuable information and knowledge that you can apply right at this moment! You no longer have to wait for transformation!


To be truly wealthy in your mind and soul, one must learn how to give freely! Magic Cash Lady is all about giving and contributing to others. Become part of our legacy as we give to our community!


“Atarah is a phenomenal lady inspiring others to do the impossible. She has overcome a lot in her life and is focused on God, Family and helping others along the way. She is a great example as a wife and mother raising her children with her loving husband while living her passions. She brings joy and inspiration to her speeches and you feel more alive just listening to her.”

-Cynthia Laws Calloway

“Atarah The Magiccashlady is a true example of persistence and determination in making her dreams come true. She is an Enlightened Super Mom destined to inspire change for children around the world. It was a pleasure spending 3 days in Arizona with her getting to know her true vision for helping families set a financial legacy and gaining a higher sense of self.”

-Bob Proctor says

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